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Counseling & Psychological Services

Do you have a lot of Facebook "friends" but are still feeling disconnected?

Whether with friends, family or romantic partners, if our relationships aren't happy and meaningful, we're not happy.

Joining an Understanding Self and Others group might be the answer. Confidential groups help men and women learn to relate more positively with others and understand themselves better. Through weekly "face-to-face" meetings, you will have the opportunity to explore your issues in a safe environment.

LGBT Counseling Group

This group will present a unique opportunity for gay, lesbian, and bisexual and Trans individuals to explore life challenges. It will provide a safe environment in which to address a variety of issues (e.g., coming out, spirituality, family relationships, depression, self-esteem, abuse, etc.). Goals of the group include: reducing isolation, finding support and making changes. Group times change with every semester to best accomodate changing member schedules, be sure to call the counseling center for more information on when this group meets.


LGBTQ+ Community and Substance Use

Campus Recovery Community and the Wellness Center are here to support individuals who are stuggling with substance use. Please reach out to schedule an appointment.

Ben Asma at the Wellness Center
[email protected]

LGBTQ+ and Substance Abuse — a very informative article from Advanced Recovery Systems that discusses the reasons behind increased substance abuse rates among LGBTQ-identifying individuals. Offers recovery resources geared towards LGBTQ+ people.

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