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Career and Financial Planning

Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender means you may need to make some hard choices during your job search and in your workplace. Which companies have good policies? Should you be out during your interview? Should you be out in the workplace? What if you face discrimination? The tough reality is that there are no federal laws that prevent employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. However, there are a variety of state and local statutes that may cover employment non-discrimination or domestic partnership benefits. Also, individual companies may have policies that can protect your rights. As you conduct your job search, the following internet resources can help you determine the policies of various companies and localities. Being informed about the policies of an individual company, the presence or absence of a gay or lesbian employee organization, and whether there are legal protections from job discrimination helps make some difficult choices a little easier.

For more information on Career Opportunities, visit Career Development 

The Human Rights Campaign: WorkPlace

WorkPlace is a national source of information on workplace and corporate attitudes and policies surrounding sexual orientation. The Human Rights Campaign sponsors WorkNet to create and distribute information that will assist individuals and groups in bringing more inclusive programs to more workplaces. HRC WorkPlace

Pride at Work

The purpose of Pride At Work is to mobilize support between the organized labor movement and the GLBT Community around organizing for social and economic justice. Pride At Work

Pink Jobs

A job list, updated frequently. We can't attest to the quality or authenticity of this list. Pink Jobs


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