The Appalachian State University campus is currently operating under SPECIAL conditions.

Coronavirus information

The university remains open, with emergency management protocols activated and operational modifications and precautions in place to support social distancing. In-person instruction has transitioned to a system of alternative course delivery. View the latest information on the App State Coronavirus Information website. Read the latest update posted 4/3/2020 at 2:20 p.m.

Read the Student Affairs Covid-19 Response. Updated March 31, 2020 at 9:20 a.m.

Housing Guide

Finding housing can be difficult for many students, though transgender and nonbinary students often have a harder time than most. This page is meant to serve as a guide to both on-campus and off-campus housing tips for non-cisgender students at Appalachian State University.


All students who want to live on-campus must apply through University Housing, regardless of their gender. Unless one finds their own, Housing chooses roommates based on biological sex. Luckily, Housing offers accomodations on the basis of gender, so long as one fills out the Gender Consideration Form on AppSync. Once Housing knows that a student is transgender or nonbinary, they make a conscious effort to provide a roommate of the same gender. To be thorough, please also contact the Office of Multicultural Student Development through Barbara Armstrong.

Barbara Armstrong
Student Services Coordinator, Multicultural Student Development 
(828) 262-6158

For more information, please look at the following links from University Housing and the Office of Multicultural Student Development.


Students who frequent the LGBT Center will often find off-campus housing requests posted on the rainbow wall near the brochures and stickers. These requests are most commonly put up near the end of each semester, and can ask for either a subleaser or a roommate. TransACTION, the on-campus organization geared towards transgender and nonbinary folks, can also be a helpful resource for finding non-cisgender roommates.

More resources will be added soon.