Harassment and Discrimination

If you are harassed or discriminated against due to your sexual orientation or gender identity, here are some resources that can provide more information:

Office of Equity, Diversity & Compliance
Appalachian State University
Linda Foulsham, Director, foulshamlm@appstate.edu

The Voices Project

What is the "Voices Project"?

The Voices Project is a model of a project conducted by the UNC Association of Student Governments to match real people and real voices with numbers and statistics. In our effort to ensure equality for GLBT persons at Appalachian we are compiling stories from students, faculty, staff and community members- past and present, about experiences they wish to share in regard to GLBT issues and their experiences at ASU. This project is sponsored by Appalachian's GLBT Taskforce.

What exactly are we looking for?

We are open to whatever it is that you would like to share with us in regard to your experiences or even an experience of a close friend. Instances of verbal abuse, mistreatment, prejudice in the classroom, etc. are all appropriate submissions. If you have had a particularly good experience with a certain department or person on campus we would like to hear those as well.

What are you going to do with my story?

It is our hope to use your stories so we can learn of areas on our campus that need to be improved upon in order to better our campus climate. Your stories will be compiled with the stories of others to look for patterns or similar complaints and to help us determine if there is action on our part that could be taken to prevent a similar instance from occurring to someone else. Your story may be used in seminars, workshops or reports to try and educate university students, faculty and staff how to better service or interact with our GLBT community.

Will it be anonymous?

We will without question respect the confidentiality and anonymity of anyone who wishes their identity remains unknown. We do however ask that if you are comfortable disclosing your name and contact information you do so. In striving for improvement on campus it would benefit us greatly to have the opportunity to contact you.

Submit your story

Please note:

*There are certain instances that we may be required by law to report to university or law enforcement officials for investigation. Examples of these may include but are not limited to: Rape, Sexual Assault, Hazing, or any type of physical harm.

*The GLBT Taskforce: Voices Project is not an official instance report system. To submit an official report with the University in regard to unequal treatment you should contact the Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance (www.edc.appstate.edu - 262.2144) or the University Police (262.2150).

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